Doggy Step Benefits

If you have a small breed dog then you probably know the feeling when he keeps jumping up and down on the side of furniture or even worse yet your bed while you’re trying to sleep because he cannot get up. However, I found recently the benefits of using some doggy stairs that will help him get up onto the furniture or bed. Now these new doggy stairs that I found do wonders for helping him out.
So the first advantage that I found while using the doggy stairs is that he doesn’t have to take a running leap to get onto the furniture anymore and fall short. Now I know that it can be quite comical when your small breed dog does do that, but at the same time I do not what him hurting himself. So the steps will help your dog avoid having to do that as well.

The next advantage that I found with the steps is that instead of having him jump up and paw me and scratch me he can use the steps instead. Now I know that I was getting a ton of scratches on my legs and arms from where he would jump up and paw at me to get my attention to lift him up. Since I he has been using the steps he doesn’t have to do that anymore he just walks up his steps like he would the steps to the door when coming back in.

Now even if you do not have a small breed dog, but have a medium or larger breed dog then you will want to consider using the steps for them. I know that it can help out your older dog on getting on furniture or into bed with you. If your dog is not even older, but has health problems these steps can be great as well in helping him up onto your bed to be comfortable. I know that they really worked out well in helping my dogs get up onto furniture when they were getting sick.

I know that purchasing doggy steps could be expensive for you. However, you might want to consider purchasing them if you have a small breed dog and are getting tired of being scratched while he tries to get your attention to lift him up. I do know that the steps can also help your older dogs get up and down on furniture without you having to worry about them jumping down and hurting themselves.